Esther Sophia Artner

bilingual actor

based in
NYC and Vienna

review by John Osborn

June 2018

"..Man and Woman stir,and they encounter each other, like amnesiacs who have forgotten their lives together. Esther S. Artner’s eyes open with wonder when she sees him (Mikaal Bates), pools of unplumbed depths. Later they will glisten with tears and look with the precision of a hawk into the distance – at thoughts or some unknown thing. Her lithe physicality unites body and voice; she speaks the Shakespeare firmly and without strain; meaning is lodged in the shape and softness of her breath.."

The Most Important Thing

June 2018

A once famous Greek actor finds himself broke in New York City having to work for a student German director.

Directed by Julie Deffet

With Stratos Tzortzoglou, Esther Sophia Artner and Stephania Papadopoulos.

Director of Photography: Valentia Caniglia

Interview with OOOM Magazine

May 2018

"...America is considered the country of unlimited possibilities. But how difficult is it for a young actress to take foot in the us? The Austrian Esther Sophia Artner has been living in New York City for four and a half years, studying acting at the prestigious actors studio drama school of AL·PACINO and is starting to play their acting and The talent from Vienna about auditions, discipline, hard competition - and why you don't get a lead with accent.
The whole story: now at OOOM.."

116 A Shakespeare Play

June 2018 at Loft 29

116 is the story of a man, a woman and everything inbetween. Written and directed by Sara Fay George

They are trapped in a circle of salt, forced to face their scars, betrayals and vulnerabilities through a matrix of wit and words. They are both victims and predators, facing lifetimes of trauma in order to find their way out, move forward, and become free of lifetimes of hurt.
It speaks to the basic primal need in each of us for communication, understanding, and acceptance. In this way, the piece unites beyond borders, genders, nationalities.
with Mikaal Bates and Esther Artner

Small Amongst Infinite Stars

February 2018

Small Among Infinite Stars

Written by Matthew Minnicino directed by Julia Sears

Starring Esther Sophia Artner, Sara Fay George and Andrea Goldman

A triptych of interlaced interrogations of explosive, uncomfortable, radiant womanhood - torn from the corridors of fact, the high towers of fantasy, and the endless night sky of pure fiction. Three women. Three stories. Inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Fire in Water

Fall 2017

A short film directed and written by Esther Artner and Julie Deffet

The short tells the story of a couple and their path to soul liberation. In their Villa in Italy, a couple in their late 60s, Sofia (Madeleine Assas) and Olivier (Didier Flammand) are enjoying their vacation, the routine of their daily life has become their second nature. When Olivier is denied the career promotion he worked for his whole life, he changes, destabilised by this, Sofia struggles to keep her purpose and finally breaks through delusion by frantically repainting the villa’s walls.

Forever Alive

May 2017

A short film- written, co-directed and acted by Esther

This film explores the themes of letting go, surrender and honoring a deep relationship.
Maxine and Silvester two strangers meet and decide to spend the day together.

Esther was fortunate to attract an amazing team!
starring Stratos Tzortzoglou
co- directed by Alanna Dorsett
and cinematography by Erinn Clancy

Adjustment of Status

March 2017

Esther is starring as Hannah, the lead in a short film by Jared Szafman.

Hannah got her visa, the man of her dreams and her life set to thrive in NY.
In a triangular relationship this dream crashes. Find out more when it's released!

No Exit

by Jean Paul Satre directed by Alanna Dorsett

In Sartre's existential drama, three characters are placed in a mysterious room with no way out.

Esther is starring in Sartre's existential drama, three characters are placed in a mysterious room with no way out. Desperately trying to decipher the truth behind their situation, they discover how inextricably intertwined their fates actually are.

Chinatown Soup - 16 Orchard St, NY, NY
Jan 18th - 29th;
Wed - Sat @ 8p
Sundays @ 3p

Esther Artner as Estelle Rigault
Brian Uhrich as Joesph Garcin
Olivia Hardin as Inez Serrano
Devon James as The Valet

The Uncounted

A streetplay remembering the disappearance Lives in Iran in 1988

Esther had the the opportunity to represent the thousands of men and women who have been massacred and oppressed in Iran since 1988. The ensemble gave voice to the women and children who have lost their lives, cried with the Iran freedomfighters outside the UN, and provided a message of strength and hope. Esther feels grateful for this opportunity, for the the courageous director Shashwat Bhushan Gupta and the associate director Dr. Brian Rhinehart for guiding her on this journey.

more of this event

Good Bad Act

A new short by Firdaus Ninu.

Esther is starring as Mrs. Ericsson in Firdaus Ninu's new film.
It is currently being submitted to film festivals globally.

In or Out

'In or Out' an immersive theater piece and what happens behind closed doors of a spiritual cult

The lives of eight members of the "School" are revealed as the audience travels throughout the house. Secrets are revealed, and decisions made: you can be in the School or out, but not both. Those who are "out" threaten the Teacher's way of life, and the foundational philosophies of our School. Esther is currently playing Salome, the only female member of the Inner Circle and the Leader’s right hand.

‚Obsessed‘ by Marcel Luxinger

The Box Collective will produce Obsessed by a German award winning writer, Marcel Luxinger

In this piece, three women are confronted with corruption and the lies they tell themselves. In these entangled webs, one lie does not only lead to another, it can actually turn into reality. Manipulation becomes a valuable tools whenever a private or public opinion is about to be shaped.

Upstream 3D Movie by Shashwat Gupta

Esther wrote a shortfilm and is starring as the lead. Direction by Shashwat Gupta in 3D.

We have a story to tell, a love story. Love has been and will always be a timeless source of inspiration for all artists. We want to talk about love but we really want to redefine how love is represented. We want to question the rules and traditions, we want to tell a story of love and detachment and the complexity of what those two words really represent for us away from the relationship culture we grow up watching. We are shooting a 3D film ( inspired by Godard's "Goodbye to Language" or Gaspar Noé's "Love"), we want the film to be an immersive and extremely contemporary experience both in terms of content and viewing experience.


Actors Studio Drama School Repertory Season

13th - 16th of April 2016

Esther will be playing the role of Billie in 'Women of Manhattan' by John Patrick Shanley.

Directed by Michael Blatt, Esther will be performing along with Natalie Entenberg and Kathleen Simmonds in 'Women of Manhattan' by John Patrick Shanley.
The piece will be shown in week 3 of the Actors Studio Drama School Repertory Season.

Make a reservation and get your free tickets here:

Actors Studio Drama School Showcase

Mondy March 14th at 2pm and 6pm

Under the direction of Elizabth Kemp and Susan Aston, Cohort 17 is ready with scenes and monologues!

In only 3 brief weeks, the 3rd year actors of the ASDS will perform for the New York professional community at the Industry Showcase. Held each year at The Actors Studio, this event is designed to provide an opportunity for actors to get in front of Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, Playwrights, members of the Actors Studio, and other industry professionals.
Make your reservation at


DEC 15 TH, 1:30PM + 17 TH, 11:00 AM

A feature film

Esther will be playing the role of Andrea in the independent feature film 'Carmen' by Sergio Allard and Denis Arqueros.



Demo Reel